JPMC Safety & Security Project

Health Department – Government of Sindh


the project scope is similar to Safety & Security at NICH project that has been implemented under PPP modality with the modification that in NICH project the initial capital expenditure was funded as equity by the private partner that was recouped through return on equity payable by the GoS through annuity payments. However, in case of the subject project, instead of equity expenditure by private party, a concept of management fee is proposed, as management fee is not expected to be as higher as return on equity (ROE). The forum was further informed that in recent education and health sector PPPs, the concept of management fee was also adopted without any equity injection by private party.

Concession Period

The total concession term is proposed to be Five and a Half years of which six months shall be the installation period and the remaining concession years shall be for operations and maintenance (O&M).


The private party shall furnish Installation security during installation period and subsequently O&M security during O&M period. Cost estimates of the proposed transaction.


The PPP Policy Board,  approved the proposed project structure (including risk matrix) subject to approval of the same by the PSF Board and allowed Health Department to initiate private partner solicitation process after the approval of PSF Board.

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