Rani Bagh Project

Local Government & HTP Department – Government of Sindh


The Rani Bagh previously known as Das Garden, is located in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. The garden was re-christened in honour of Queen Victoria in 1861. The present state of Rani Bagh makes it the largest yet lackluster recreational facility of Hyderabad, featuring a zoo, mechanical rides, an open air theater, grassy lawn and garden on its 54 acres of centrally located land demands an urgent attention of the authorities to revitalize an under-used and under-managed park of the city. The number of visitors rises to thousands on special occasions like Independence Day, Eid, etc. This signifies that Rani Bagh is a convenient convergence point for the recreation of the people of Hyderabad and other people living in the adjoining districts. Rani Bagh is located in the city center with entry and exit on the main ‘Thandi Sadak’ and ex-National Highway.

Proposed components of Rani Bagh

Based on feasibility study conducted by the consortium of consultants led by KPMG, the proposed components of Rani Bagh includes pocket forest, multiplex, amusement park, zoo, funland, auditorium, boating lake, food court, tuck shop/food kiosks, carnival pavilion, Flower & Souvenir 
Shops and admin building.

Current Status

The PPP Policy Board in its 40th meeting held on 8th June 2023 approved the project structure and initiation of investor solicitation. The project revised master plan shall be placed in the Cabinet meeting based on recommendations of Local Council of Qasimabad in the month of July 2023. 

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