Safety & Security at National Institute of Child Health

Health Department – Government of Sindh


  • National Institute of Child Health (NICH) is the largest tertiary care and teaching hospital for children in Karachi. Its catchment area covers 20 million people in Karachi alone and it deals round the clock with 300,000 patients per annum. The security apparatus of NICH remained inadequate to meet the challenges and many mishaps and incidents occurred ranging from manhandling of patients, hospital staff and the abduction of a baby from the Neonatology Unit. The safety and security project aims to establish a fool proof security and fire system at NICH to manage and secure the entire premises of the hospital.

    The Government of Sindh decided that private partner / manager be engaged for upgrading the security apparatus of NICH. Management contract with a private partner (Security N Communication Private Limited) was signed in March 2013 for a period of 5 years. The project implementation period was successfully implemented in six months and is fully operational.


  • Recently, the management contracted was concluded. Fresh tendering of the project is underway.
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