Dhabeji Special Economic Zone

Investment Department – Government of Sindh


The Investment Department GoS has proposed the setting up of an industrial zone (to be declared Special Economic Zone – SEZ) in Sindh at the Dhabeji, Thatta, Sindh comprising of fifteen hundred and thirty (1,530) acres of land. The Dhabeji Special Economic Zone was approved in the 6th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) under the Industrial Cooperation Phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


The Dhabeji SEZ is located at Dhabeji, Thatta (Sindh) 50 km from Karachi, via the Eastern alignment of CPEC (N-5) and M-9. The Project Site for the Dhabeji Industrial Zone is situated close to Bin Qasim port but can also be served by Karachi port. The Project is proposed to be implemented in two (2) phases of 750 acres and 780 acres each respectively.

The Developer shall:

  • Carry out detailed design and master plan for the Project.
  • Develop internal infrastructure and related facilities for the Project.
  • Carry out O&M of the zone infrastructure and facilities.

Operations & Maintenance (15 years from substantial completion of Construction) The Concessionaire shall undertake toll operations and regular maintenance of the Project Highway as per agreed standards.


Revenue Model: The project is structured on revenue model. The Developer will be entitled to and shall be responsible to collect revenues through sub-leasing of the plots to zone enterprises in accordance with the PPP Agreement.

GoS to enter into a master lease agreement for 50 years with the Developer / SPV to lease land for phase 1, and an agreement to lease land for phase 2 upon completion of milestones.

Developer will collect revenues through sub-leasing of the plots to zone enterprises and through O&M and other value-added services. Developer to share a percentage of revenue, from sale proceeds.


The Project was launched for investor solicitation in December 2020 in pursuance to SPP rules 2010.

After thorough procurement process, the Investment Department issued LOA to ZKB on 25th October 2021.


Sindh Economic Zone Management Company (SEZMC), with assistance of transaction advisors, has developed and launched Dhebeji SEZ Project. The bidding package package (RFP, draft Concession Agreement and the required maps and designs) for the Project were originally uploaded during November 2019. Following dialogue with the interested parties in investor conference and pre-bid meetings, SEZMC has recently revised the bidding package and uploaded the same on 18th February 2020. Furthermore, bid submission deadline has also been extended to 20th April 2020.

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