Link Road (M9-N5) Project

Works & Services Department – Government of Sindh

Project Introduction

The Karachi – Hyderbaad Motorway (M-9) is a six lan, 136 Km long motorway, is a mojor transportation route in Pakistan that connects major cities Karachi & Hyderabad of Sindh province. The project provides a crucial link between these two major cities and has considerably improved travel times and connectivity. It connects to National Highway N-5 through a Link Road on a northeast track. The project includes the construction of several bridges, underpasses, interchanges, service roads and roundabout. It will bring enormous economic benefit to the less development parts of the country.

Scope of work

Geometry for the proposed “Interchange cum Roundabout” in accordance with the classification of urban road design standards, minimum standards for design polices with proper consideration given to the design traffic volumes, design speed, capacity of Level of Service (a clear understanding of how traffic speed limits of 80kph for heavy transport vehicles and 120kph for light transport vehicles and for interchange loops/ramps design speed of 50kph has been adopted).

Bridge shall be designed for full carriageway width with full shoulders in each direction. Culverts shall be designed for full formation width. The minimum internal size of culverts shall be 2.000m x 1.000m.

Current Status

The Project Financial Structure has been finalizes by the Transaction Advisors in consultation with W&S Department and PPP Unit Finance Department.
The W&S Department shall initiate a summary for the approval of Investor Solicitation of the Project. Investor solicitation under the PPP mode shall commence as soon as the law issue is resolved.

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